JPS Staff Information

Dedicated to serve, grow and compassionately care for our community, JPS Health Network is implementing new technology applications to deliver the highest level of care. But it's more than just innovative technology. It's about saving lives. We're striving to create the ideal patient experience that not only drives our advancement of medicine, but also clinical transformation. This initiative puts patients first and improves operational efficiency, allowing caregivers more time for delivering care and decreasing the time required for administrative duties.

Patients will receive higher quality care as a result of the efficiencies gained by our staff. Instead of having to provide their information multiple times to different service areas, the new technology will centralize access to patient data across different service locations. You will benefit by having the right information at the right time at the right place.

During a five year period the following initiatives will be implemented:

  • A true electronic medical record across the continuum of care
  • Inter-disciplinary care planning
  • Clinical decision support
  • Comprehensive inter-disciplinary care clinical documentation
  • Computerized order entry
  • Medication administration with barcoding