What is Project Elm?
Project Elm is the brand for the enterprise initiative that will guide the development of integrated computerized systems to better support clinical practice and patient safety at JPS Health Network. Elm was developed as a way to relate electronic medical records (EMR) to the root of better access and patient care.

What will it mean to JPS employees?
Employees will benefit from upgraded technology. Almost every area will be impacted in some way.

What does it mean to patients?
Patients will receive more efficient care. For example, providers will be able to access patient records at all locations that include labs, radiology, pharmacy and more. Quality and safety measures will also be improved to better the continuum of care offered at JPS Health Network.

How was Project Elm developed?
It has overseen a year long planning process that has included input from outside consultants and focus groups. The focus groups included the following areas/departments:
  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Ancillary
  • Digital Imaging
  • Business
  • Information Technology (HTS)
  • Administrative
What are the outcomes of Project Elm?
  • Staff has access to real-time data that incorporates all patient areas including lab, diagnostics, pharmacy, health center visits, etc.
  • A more flexible patient care delivery model allows JPS to respond more quickly to the changing health care environment.
  • Organizational capabilities align with long-term goals of improved quality of care.
Where is the money to implement Project Elm coming from?
JPS is a tax-supported entity and is committed to funding this initiative through careful management of its financial and human resources.

Will outside vendors be utilized to implement Project Elm?
JPS will select and implement an advanced, integrated core clinical system from a single vendor. This will ensure a tighter integration within the core product base allowing for improved patient safety and continuity of care.