Strategic Facilities Utilization Plan

As JPS prepares for the future of how best to provide health care services to Tarrant County, a long-term strategic facilities utilization plan has now been completed. The plan was initiated at the direction of the Board of Managers to determine how JPS can best serve both the taxpayers and patients. BOKAPowell, the plan’s author, utilized hospital and outpatient data, conducted more than 120 interviews with staff and stakeholders, and evaluated current facilities and operations to conduct the year-long assessment.

The plan is made up of many components to be implemented over time, as our financial resources allow. It has no deadline or price tag as it is based on our achievement of specific financial and operational benchmarks as suggested for each phase prior to the implementation of the next phase. The benchmarks are based on improvements in quality, efficiency, environment, and stewardship. Every JPS team member has a role to play in reaching the goals set forth to not only benefit patient care, but to create financial benefits. An “own it” attitude will help JPS achieve the benchmarks outlined in the plan.

Click here to view a copy of the presentation from BOKAPowell to the Board of Managers on July 14.

Please direct any questions about the plan to the Public Relations Department at 817-702-1365, or to Scott Rule, Vice President of Planning and Analysis, at