Family Health Centers

Health Centers 

JPS Health Network has more than 18 health centers in Tarrant County, Texas, in addition to the Surgery and Medicine specialty clinics. Our larger centers are full service health centers. They offer family practice, pedi, OB/Gyn and dental services, with additional ancillary services such as radiology, lab, social work, pharmacy, dietary, patient education and case management. Others offer family practice services with additional services such as case management, patient education and limited on-site lab services. JPS also has limited services locations that provide nurse practitioners, OB/Gyn and ancillary services such as lab and social services.

Specialty Clinics 

The medicine specialty clinics include cardiac, pulmonary, neurology, dermatology, arthritis/connective tissue disease, endocrine, cardiothorasic, pacemaker and gastrointestinal. The cardiac clinic performs evaluation and treatment of the heart. The pulmonary clinic performs evaluation and treatment of the lungs. The neurology clinic performs evaluation and treatment of the nervous system. The dermatology clinic evaluates and treats numerous skin abnormalities for adults and pediatrics as well as performs minor skin procedures.


The arthritis/connective tissue disease clinic evaluates and treats arthritis and various connective tissue diseases. The endocrine clinic evaluates and treats endocrine disorders as well as diabetes. The cardiothorasic clinic evaluates and surgically treats the heart and lungs. The pacemaker clinic evaluates pacemakers. The gastrointestinal clinic evaluates and treats complex gastrointestinal (GI) problems and liver/biliary diseases.

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