Nursing at JPS

Every time the Gallup organization asks Americans which profession they consider the most honest and ethical, the answer is always nursing.

At JPS, the reason for that trust is the more than 1,700 nurses at the hospital and throughout our clinics who provide compassionate care to patients and their families. JPS nurses are kind, compassionate and highly skilled. During challenging times they don’t ask “When can I go home?” they ask “What can I do to help?”

JPS nurses demonstrate why JPS is our communities’ healthcare system and a trusted healthcare partner for more than 1 million Tarrant County residents.

Healthcare continues to be a challenging environment; one that is seeing dynamic change on a regular basis. JPS nurses are at the heart of that change. Their compassion feeds the desire to improve patient care and patient safety and their dedication stokes the fire of transformation.

Our nurses are why JPS is centered in care and powered by pride. And we celebrate and thank each and every one.