Wish List

“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” ~ Louisa May Alcott       

Help us make some important wishes come true and give a gift today.

Wigs for cancer patients 100 a year $50 each
Bedside Pulse Oximeter 10-15 $400 each
Pediatric Pulse Oximeters 10-15 $600 each
Blankets, socks, underwear for the homeless population    
Nutritional food for patients at diabetes group visits 80 classes per year $300 per class
Pill boxes for patients   $10 each
Coffee machine in pharmacy waiting room   $500
Shelving for Pharmacy Central Fill   $5000
Pedi weight table   $1800
Regular wheelchairs   $500 each
Extra wide wheelchairs   $900 each
Diabetes group educational sessions need    
150 pedometers $1 each $150
100 exercise videos/DVD $2 each $200
150 divided plates 3 for $1 $50
150 measuring cups $1 each $150
150 reusable water bottles $1 each $150
Snacks and water for 5 groups/month   $250
Automatic Blood Pressure Cuffs 150 $60
Bed side commodes (adult)   $80
Weight Scales (weigh up to 400 pounds) 100 $70 each
Laptop computers 2 $1500 each
Dental cream, good razors for patients    
Slippers for moms visiting NICU or nursery 100 $2 each

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