Giving homeless patients a place to call their own

A good number of Fort Worth’s homeless see the JPS emergency room as the only place available to them for healthcare. Unfortunately, many wait until a condition is in its latter stages before seeking treatment, which is not only costly for JPS, but means longer recovery times for these vulnerable patients.

To better address this very real challenge to the health of the community, JPS Health Network has partnered with the Fort Worth Foundation to build a 25,000-square-foot homelessness resource center on East Lancaster Avenue. Half of the planned facility will house JPS healthcare services geared to the specific needs of the area’s homeless population. The remaining half will house social service agencies providing additional aid to homeless people.

Robert Earley, president and CEO of JPS, believes healthcare costs can be greatly reduced if a properly equipped and staffed clinic is made more convenient for homeless patients to seek care at the onset of their illness rather than waiting until it becomes more serious.

The partnership is one more example of JPS’s effort to transform healthcare delivery for the communities we serve through innovative care delivery.

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