Auxiliary provides helping hands

Auxiliary provides helping hands
Doris Smith and
Myrtle McMahan

JPS Auxiliary members are always lending a helping hand whether it is decorating a waiting room, navigating Santa through the hallways to visit patients, volunteering at the information desk or knitting baby caps.

“Giving is self-fulfilling to us as volunteers,” said Doris Smith, JPS Auxiliary president. “You come out with joy and feel that you fulfilled a purpose in your life.”

During recent years the JPS Auxiliary has given more than $2.36 million in cash and inkind donations to JPS programs and projects. These gifts include $150,000 to provide a building for the school-based clinic in Everman where hundreds of children will be seen by a JPS nurse practitioner.

Smith has been involved with JPS 22 years. She started with her church, delivering magazines. “We would go from room to room,” she said. Once she retired, she became an Auxiliary member with even more duties.

Each Christmas the Auxiliary members collect socks, pocket calendars and other items to give to patients. Their visits bring holiday cheer to patients who can not be at home with their families.

And they aren’t done yet. This year the JPS Auxiliary funded the Mend the Heart program that provides red, heart-shaped pillows to patients recovering from heart surgery. The pillow provides support when a patient coughs or moves – simple but powerful. The same can be said for the Auxiliary motives.

“You do for those that can’t do for themselves,” said Smith.

If you are interested in more information about joining the JPS Auxiliary, please contact Yvonne Kyle at 817-927-1590.